Brigade Visas Immigration Reviews

It is always a hard and tough task to make the right move while migrating to a completely different country and is the most difficult decision indeed to make in our career. But seeking a Professional advice will make things easier if you choose the right Immigration Consultant.

My research work started with checking the list of best immigration consultants available in India and fortunately I have heard about Brigade Visas and consulted one of the Immigration Experts who had done a wonderful job helping me travel abroad to Canada within 14 months and made my dream come true.

As I’ve invested ample time in researching about the right immigration consultant firm to choose, thereby I’m listing a check list to go through before choosing the Best Immigration Consultant just like Brigade Visas.

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Check list while choosing the Best Immigration Consultants in the market

  • Registration with the ministry of corporate affairs
  • Check for Immigration consultants reviews
  • Registration with the respective state government agencies
  • Check for a quality website
  • Check for their offices across states
  • Registration with Iccrc and Maara
  • Reviews of the respective consultant like Brigade Visas

I’ve decided to go ahead with the Brigade Visas and found that they qualify in all the above aspects along with the client reviews and testimonials.

I came across many reviews of the Brigade Visas and was satisfied with the testimonials that were given by the clients. They truly are the best in the Industry with a well established staff of Experts.

Finally I’ve decided to go ahead with the Brigade Visas and my experience was a roller coaster  of mixed experiences, Initially  I had no problems as the case officer assigned to me was  really helpful and supportive, later he was replaced by another case officer  due to some medical emergency.  A new case officer was allotted to me with whom I had faced few problems initially, as he had to completely understand my case and review all the documents; however the new case officer later turned out to be my mentor who made everything so smooth and easy.

At last, I finally got the permanent resident visa for my entire family; I thank the entire Brigade Visas team from my heart for their sincere support and coordination.

You Guys are Wonderful!!!